CBD Benefits

What are the benefits of using CBD?

CBD is definitely trending up. Just by looking at Google trends for CBD – the story speaks for itself.

This graph reflects how the interest increased in the past year.

CBD is growing popularity nowadays because it shows promise as a potential treatment to many health and wellness issues.

Cannabis was illegal for many years (and still is in many states), therefore, not enough research has been conducted to fully understand the benefits and side effects of CBD consumptions for humans.

There’s insufficient documentation and research of human studies. In addition, the majority of current research was done on small sample sizes for short periods of time.

However, we will attempt to utilize the existing and most recent research to review several studies that show potential or actual benefits of using CBD:

1) Pain relief

No need to explain the feeling of pain. We all know the feeling of pain in our bodies as a result of injuries, damages, stress and more. Pain relief medications are popular all over, and people are constantly looking for quality natural alternatives.

Cannabis is a great candidate to help relieving pain, and is well known for its ability to reduce pain and help with pain management.

Studies show that CBD can help and reduce pain in animals and humans.

However, CBD & THC combination work best for that purpose.

In a survey published in 2017, 2,897 cannabis using subjects provided the following insights:
– Most participants approved that the need for opiates was reduced when consuming Cannabis as a pain relief medication.
– In addition, participants stated that cannabis was as effective in relieving pain without the unwanted side effects.

Additionally, researchers agree that Cannabinoid (CBD) shows promise as a very efficient agent to fight and manage pain. Furthemore, it’s likely to be used as a pharmaceutical solution to pain relief and pain management in the near future.

2) Reduces anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are one of the common challenges that individuals deal with nowadays.

In fact, most people experience anxiety and/or depression sometimes in their lives. When dealing with Anxiety and/or depression, people experience symptoms including stress, fear, tiredness, lack of interest, body aches and more.

The effect on the quality of life of individuals who suffer from anxiety and depression is significant.

Studies show that CBD can be a great natural solution for people to help combat their anxiety and depression symptoms.

In a research published in 2011, it was found that CBD reduced anxiety and discomfort levels in participants in a public speaking test (one of the the biggest documented fears).

In a later study published in 2017, the effectiveness of CBD treatment for anxiety was reviewed on the dosage level.

In the study, CBD was given to 3 different groups in 3 different dosages – 100mg, 300mg and 900mg.

The 300mg group demonstrated better results in terms of anxiety reduction in comparison to the other groups.

These findings reflect the importance of CBD dosage when looking for the right CBD treatment or product.

3) Help against Cancer

Cancer is one of the biggest killers in our time, the #2 killer in developed countries and
#1 killer in underdeveloped countries (https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/17-cancer-facts-every-person-needs-know/).

Scientists are constantly searching for cancer treatments and medications. CBD and cannabis in general are well known for their potential help.

Studies in humans and animals show that certain Cannabinoids may slow and reduce the spread of multiple forms of cancer. More than that, it was shown that the combination of CBD and THC is more efficient in treating cancer than CBD alone.


Unfortunately human research is still minimal, and respectively it’s difficult to evaluate how effective is CBD & THC treatment for cancer. Although the use of CBD and THC is potentially beneficial to fight against cancer, there is still lack of strong evidence that CBD treatment helps to control or cure the disease.

4) Promotes skin health and helps against Acne

Everybody wants healthy and beautiful skin right?

When your skin looks fresh and healthy, you look and feel better and younger.
Nobody likes acne, and the market is filled with pharmaceutical and natural solutions for Acne and skin care. CBD is one of them.

CBD is a very strong anti inflammatory substance, thus making it a great candidate to improve and promote skin health, as well as fighting against skin damages.

In a study published in 2016, CBD found to be effective as an anti acne treatment by normalizing acne agents, due to its inflammatory effect on the body and skin.

5) Helps fighting against epilepsy

Epilepsy is a chronic disorder that initiates recurrent, unprovoked seizures.

CBD showed the ability to help in cases of Epilepsy and seizures.

In a survey published in 2013, 19 families participated to discover the efficiency of cannabidiol-enriched cannabis in children with treatment-resistant epilepsy.

The Patients experienced improvements in their behavior, mood, sleep and energy.
In addition the parents shared the following insights:
– 84% of the 19 parents reported a reduction in their child’s seizure frequency while taking cannabidiol-enriched cannabis.
– 11% reported complete seizure free.
– 42% reported a greater than 80% reduction in seizure frequency,
– 32% reported a 25%-60% seizure reduction.

In a later study published on 2017, 120 children and young adults suffering from Dravet syndrome participated in. The participants received either CBD daily or placebo in addition to antiepileptic treatment.
– 43% of patients who used CBD had at least 50% reduction in seizure frequency.
– 62% of patients who used CBD showed overall improved condition.
– 5% of patients who used CBD became seizure free.
– Side effect for patients who used CBD include – diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue and pyrexia.

6) Fear management

Fear is an emotion we all know well, too well. Nobody likes the feeling of fear as it’s an uncomfortable feeling where we might lose a sense of control and feel endangered.

We can all use natural products that can help us manage fear. CBD is a great option for fear management solution.

In a research published in 2017, 277 rats were given a CBD dose immediately after an electric shock.

The rats that were given CBD recovered faster than the ones that didn’t get CBD and spent less time frozen in fear.

These results suggest that “CBD disrupts the consolidation of different fear memories via anandamide-mediated activation of DH CB1 and CB2 receptors”.

In addition, CBD was found to be more effective in treating the fear in rats when CBD was given immediately after the action that caused fear in rats. Respectively, we can learn that immediate treatment with CBD is more effective than a delayed one for rats.


7) Reduce blood pressure

High blood pressure is a primary cause of death and illness.
7 of every 10 people suffering from their first heart attack also had high blood pressure.
In addition, 8 of every 10 people having their first stroke have high blood pressure.

Respectively researches keep on looking for solutions to reduce high blood pressure. Guess what – CBD might be helpful in helping against high blood pressure as well!
In a study published in 2017, 9 healthy male participants were given a dose of 600mg CBD or placebo. Subjects who had taken CBD had lower blood pressure levels, and higher heart rate.

It should be mentioned that the sample size is too small to reach a conclusion whether CBD is effective on lowering blood pressure in human.

Manage Blood Pressure

8) Helps against Schizophrenia & Alzheimer

Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. People with schizophrenia may seem like they have lost touch with reality. (https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/topics/schizophrenia/index.shtml)

Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. Researchers examined if CBD can be of help in those cases as well.

In a review published in 2016, researchers analyzed whether CBD improves cognition in cases of cognitive impairment such as Schizophrenia & Alzheimer. Researches concluded the following:

“CBD shown the ability to restore cognition in cases of cognitive impairment in multiple studies”

CBD shows potential as an effective solution to such diseases. However, further clinical trials are required to truly understand how effective CBD actually is in improving the cognition state of schizophrenia and alzheimer patients.

9) Aids in Brain Recovery After a Stroke

Stroke is a common life threatening condition, where there is a blockage in the blood flow to the brain. Individuals who suffer from stroke do not get enough oxygen to their brain cells which cause brain cells death and put the patients in a severe risk. Stroke could potentially cause serious brain damages and lead to death. (http://www.stroke.org/understand-stroke/what-stroke)

In a study published in 2017, researches analyzed brain recovery in case of stroke like conditions in mice. CBD has shown some very promising signs.
CBD reduced the cell damage and death of cells in the brain. In addition, CBD treatment stabilized and reduced the inflammation of the nervous tissue. Clinical trials in human are still required to reach concrete conclusions.

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