Populum Review

Many of us have heard of CBD and all the ways it can benefit health. If you are interested in purchasing CBD, you may find it difficult to find a trusted retailer. Because there are questions regarding the legality of CBD, the market it still unregulated making it hard for consumers to know which products to buy and which to stay away from.

Quality CBD wants to change all that. In an effort to help people find the products they need, we are providing trustworthy, honest reviews of CBD retailers. This article will review the Populum company.

Populum CBD

Company information

The Populum company offers full spectrum, high potency, third party hemp that is made in the USA. They use quality hemp grown by US farmers. All products are organic and non-GMO.

Their proprietary technology works to isolate and remove unwanted compounds to provide maximum potency. Products are then formulated in a GMP facility where solutions are tested and bottled with care. Finally, packages are shipped to customers including third party lab results in every box.

The Populum brand stands out from others in that they offer a risk free 30 day trial period. If you’re not happy with your results within the first month, the company will offer a full refund.


Populum is on a mission to destigmatize CBD. They believe that the stigma attached to CBD is unfair and is what’s keeping people from enjoying the benefits of CBD products. They believe that their efforts in partnering with domestic farms in Colorado and providing third party test results will help to make CBD more acceptable in the mainstream.



Product Categories

Populum has a wide variety of products available. These include:

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil: These high quality oils come in concentrations ranging from 250-1000 mg. They come in several varieties including cold pressed orange oil, grapeseed oil, hempseed oil and coconut oil. Each variety offers the benefits of CBD as well as the natural flavorings other health benefits each oil provides.

Zen Pets Calming Health Oil: This oil is full spectrum hemp extract featuring a blend of hempseed oil, coconut oil and hemp extract. At 100 mg. in strength, the company guarantees high quality hemp oil for your dogs and cats.

Hemp Rub: Designed for pain relief, this rub is made with 100% US grown hemp and other quality ingredients. These include chamomile, arnica and aloe vera.

Starter Kit: If you are new to CBD, Populum offers a starter kit that can help you find the products that work for you. This includes a bottle of full spectrum hemp oil (250mg), Zen Pets Calming Oil and Cold Therapy Hemp Rub.

Manufacturing Process

Populum starts with high quality hemp grown on a US farm using organic, non-GMO practices.

They use a distillate process for extraction. The distillation process is in two steps, Food Grade Ethanol Alcohol Extraction and Fractionalized Distillation. This method cleans the oil of waxes, lipids and chlorophyll ensuring the spectrum oil contains high levels of phytocannabinoids and terpenes.

Hemp is then third party tested and bottled in a U.S. laboratory. It is shipped to customers with lab results included in every package.

Lab Results

Lab results are not available on the web site but are included in every package shipped out to customers.

Pros and Cons

Overall, there are a lot of good things to say about the Populum company, but let’s look at some pros and cons here.


  • Offers a 30 day, risk free trial
  • Organic, non-GMO products
  • Good variety of products available
  • Good customer reviews
  • Lab tested
  • Made with care


  • There are no online lab results available. Though it’s great that individual lab results are included in every package, I would love some kind of online preview that let me know what I was buying before investing.
  • Product pages are a little confusing. You have to scroll all the way down to see some details of each description.


Overall, I find Populum to be a trustworthy company. Though there are no lab results online, I think providing individual results in each package more than makes up for that and if their product pages are confusing…I can live with that as well! I would definitely recommend this brand for the purchasing of quality CBD products.


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