Plant People Brand Review

CBD is known for its healing properties, but finding quality CBD can be a challenge. This is largely due to a highly unregulated market that does not enforce strict laws around how companies communicate what ingredients are in their products.

With CBD becoming more accepted in the medical community, there may be a day when companies are more transparent. In the meantime, Quality CBD Only is dedicated to providing honest reviews of CBD suppliers to help our readers ‘weed out’ the good from the bad.

Read on to find out if Plant People lives up to our high standards.

plant people

Company Overview

Plant People was founded by Gabe Kennedy and Hudson Gaines-Ross, two men who suffered traumatic spinal injuries and found plant-based medicines to be more effective than conventional western treatments. They worked together to bring this type of therapy to the masses by providing high-quality CBD products to their customers.

Plant People’s products are grown on Colorado farms using methods that are in full compliance with the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Their products are gluten-free and full spectrum, containing less than 0.3% THC.


Plant People’s mission is “to empower people in making alternative and altogether more positive choices when it comes to healing the body and mind.”

Plant People also gives back by donating a percentage of their profits to American Forest.

Web Site

To find out more about Plant People, visit their website at


Plant People sells a variety of CBD products, including:

Drops: Plant People sells three different types of drops. The first promotes relaxation for the mind and body. These drops come in strengths of 630 and 1260 mg, and each bottle includes a 1.5 month supply. The second type of drops promote sleep. They come in strengths of 720 and 1440 mg, and each bottle contains a 1.5 month supply. The third provides pain relief. The bottle contains a 1.5 month supply and has a strength of 720 mg.

Capsules: Plant People also sells a variety of capsules. The Be Calm capsules reduce stress and anxiety. Each bottle contains 30 capsules and has a total strength of 450 mg. The Stay Sharp capsules boost brain functioning, memory, and focus. The bottles contain 30 capsules and have a total strength of 450 mg.

Plant Balm: Plant People’s Plant Balm is made to reduce pain. The bottle contains a 1.5 month supply and has a strength of 400 mg.

Body Oil: A limited edition product, Plant People’s body oil is made to soothe and hydrate skin, and has a strength of 800 mg.

Manufacturing Process

The Plant People’s manufacturing process starts with 1000% organic plants grown by Colorado farmers. They use ethanol and/or CO2 extraction to ensure their products are as pure as possible. All products are lab tested before they are shipped to the customer.

Lab Testing

Plant People’s products come with a Certificate of Analysis to let consumers know what ingredients they contain. They are also validated with third-party labs to ensure purity and consistency standards are met. Results of these tests are available upon request.

Pros and Cons


  • They have mostly positive online reviews
  • The owners have a vested interest in the product and are backed by a good company story
  • Their products are organic and gluten-free
  • Their selection is simple, but not overwhelming
  • They support the American Forest


  • The website was a bit hard to navigate as there was no central page to access the product pages
  • Their products contain THC, which could show up on a drug test
  • They have a limited product selection in comparison to other brands


Overall, I would say this is a trustworthy brand. As long as you are okay taking either oils or capsules, and aren’t drug tested on a regular basis, Plant People definitely seems to be a brand you can count on. We give them a thumbs up!

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