Palmetto Harmony Review


CBD can provide a number of benefits to those in need, but getting effective products can be difficult. There is a lot of confusion regarding the legality of CBD and the market is highly unregulated. Consumers looking for pure, high-quality products can get easily taken in by false claims that are made by certain companies.

Quality CBD Only is on a mission to clear up this confusion. We aim to do this by providing honest reviews of CBD retailers to let consumers know what the best sources are. This article will review Palmetto Harmony.

Company Story

Palmetto Harmony was founded by Janel Ralph. Ralph is a mother whose daughter Harmony was suffering with a condition known as ‘smooth brain’. The condition causes her daughter to have seizures and is said to be untreatable by modern medicine.

On a mission to help her daughter and other children suffering with similar conditions, Ralph transformed her life to become CEO of Palmetto Harmony, an America Hemp Company that produces full spectrum high cannabinoid oils. Ralph’s husband later came on board to make this a truly family run operation.

Note: As a result of using CBD, Harmony’s symptoms improved considerably.


Palmetto Harmony mission is to improve the lives of those suffering with life altering conditions. The company strives to provide pure, high quality, organic natural life oils to its consumers. All their products are third party tested by an ISO certified lab. Palmetto Harmony also strives to provide the best customer service possible and free consultations upon request.


Product Categories

Palmetto Harmony offers a wide variety of products. These include:

Capsules: These are full spectrum hemp oil capsules available in 30 and 60 capsule counts. Spectrum suppositories are also available.

Hemp Oils: Each bottle contains pharmaceutical grade MCT and oil extracted from the hemp plant. Bottles come in 100 ml and 30 ml sizes.

Pet Products: Palmetto Harmony offers full spectrum hemp oil for pets. Bottles come in 30 ml and 15 ml sizes.

Topicals: There are three different kinds of topicals featured on Palmetto Harmony web site. These include the full spectrum hemp transdermal patch, cannascense and holy cannacense which are both recommended for pain relief.

Vape: Palmetto Harmony’s vape section is restricted to 21 years and older. Products include a ceramic coil pre-filled vape pen as well as Palmetto Aura Vape Oil. The oils come in 30 and 15 ml sizes.

Manufacturing Process

I could not find much about the manufacturing process for Palmetto Harmony CBD on the web site. They do stress that they use all organic methods and that their products are heavily tested to ensure they are chemical free.

Further research attests that the company performs extractions on only the premium parts of 100% organically grown hemp plants. They also completely opt out of using pesticides and herbicides when harvesting their plants and use combative pests to protect their crops instead.

Testing is a rigorous process that occurs on all levels from seed to sale and is performed in an ISO certified laboratory. Products are tested for levels of cannabinoids and terpenes as well as mold, contaminants, heavy metals, herbicide, pesticides, heavy metals and residual solvents.

Test Results

Test results are available by request only.

Pros and Cons

There are a number of pros and cons to be considered when reviewing the Palmetto Harmony. Here are some you might want to think about:


  • Great company story.
  • Family run business.
  • Overwhelming positive customer and online reviews.
  • Web site is easy to navigate.
  • Good product selection.
  • Products are organic and free of pesticides.
  • Products are heavily tested.


  • No clear details on the manufacturing process available on the web site.
  • Lab results are by request only making them difficult to access.


The fact that the Palmetto Harmony does not have their lab results readily available and that the manufacturing process is not clearly stated on their web site may bother some. However, with an endearing company story and great customer reviews, I’d be willing to take my chances on this company. I’d say we found ourselves a winner.


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