Nordic Oil Review

An increasing amount of people are relying on CBD to improve their quality of life. However, it is important to note that not all CBD products are created equal, especially when it comes to purity and potency.

Quality Only CBD is on a mission to make sure everyone gets the quality CBD they need and deserve. That’s why we provide our readers with honest reviews of select CBD suppliers. This article will be taking a look at the Nordic Oil company. Read on to find out if they are a CBD seller you can trust.

Nordic Oil

Company Overview

 According to their website, Nordic Oil began as a small project and has grown to become one of the leading European brands in the CBD market. They are dedicated to providing high-quality products to their customers and are on top of the latest developments to ensure the CBD they sell is as pure and potent as possible.

Their products are non-GMO, pesticide free, vegan, and contain no artificial dyes or preservatives.


The company’s mission is “to become the world’s leading brand for CBD products through high quality products and first-class customer service.”


To find out more about the company, visit their website at


Nordic Oil sells two types of CBD products.

Full Spectrum CDB Oil: Nordic Oil sells full spectrum CBD oil in three different strengths: 500mg, 1500 mg, and 2500 mg. Each bottle has enough for 30 doses.

Mani Drops: Nordic Oil’s Mani Drops are a combination of CBD and melatonin. They are meant to promote a healthy sleep cycle. A full dropper contains 5 mg of CBD and 2.5 mg of melatonin, and there are 30 dropperfuls in each bottle.

Manufacturing Process

There is nothing on the company website that extensively describes Nordic Oil’s manufacturing process other than to say that CO2 extraction is used.

Lab Results

I could not find any lab results on the website or any mention of the products being lab tested.

Pros and Cons


  •  Their products are non-GMO and pesticide free


  •  They have no real back story
  • There is a discrepancy between products mentioned on the website and those actually sold
  • The products they do sell appear to be sold out
  • There is a lack of reviews other than those that appear on the website


The lack of information available on this brand makes me wonder how they are able to claim that they are one of the leading brands in Europe. I would definitely need to know more before making a purchase, but it looks like I don’t have to worry too much about that since everything they sell is sold out anyway!

Perhaps they can make some updates to better establish themselves in the future, but the way they have let their website go has inspired a lack of trust in this reviewer.


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