Joy Organics Review

CBD provides several health benefits that improve quality of life. But unfortunately, finding the best CBD products is not always easy. The market is highly unregulated, and many companies put questionable ingredients in the merchandise they sell.

Quality CBD wants to change that. That’s why we provide our readers with honest, unbiased reviews of CBD suppliers to help you find the high-quality products you need.

Today, we’ll be looking at Joy Organics, a family-owned CBD retailer based out of Colorado. Keep reading to find out if Joy Organics is a retailer you can trust for your CBD needs.

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Joy Organics Company Overview

Joy Organics is a CBD retailer, owned and operated by Joy and her family. Joy first discovered CBD when trying to find a solution for her chronic pain and sleep issues. She noticed that, because the market is highly unregulated, it was difficult to find the quality products she needed. That set Joy on her mission of creating pure, high-quality, affordable, organic, bioavailable, broad-spectrum cannabinoid products to provide optimal health and wellness. Joy partnered with her husband, who has experience in metabolic health, and her daughter, who works as a wellness coach, to develop her business. And other family members bring their own financial and public relations acumen to the company as well.

Joy Organics’ Mission

 Joy’s mission is to create the world’s best organic CBD products.

Joy Organics’ Website

You can find out more about Joy Organics by visiting their website: 

Joy Organics sells many different CBD products, including:

Oil Tinctures: Tinctures are THC-free and sold in 10 oz. bottles. They come in strengths ranging from 250-1500 mg.

CBD Softgels: Softgels come in packages of 30 tablets and in strengths of 300 and 750 mg. Joy Organics also provides softgels with melatonin that help promote sleep and softgels with curcumin that help treat chronic pain. Both of these options come in 750 mg strength only.

Topicals: Joy Organic’s CBD salve soothes discomfort and supports skin health. It is available in a 1 oz container with a strength of 500 mg and a 2 oz container with a strength of 1000 mg.

Pet Products: CBD pet products include dog treats, which come in packages of 30 treats, and CBD oil for pets, which comes in 10 oz bottles and range in strength from 250-1500mg.

Skin Care: Joy Organics also has a wide variety of skin care products.

    • Day Cream – This cream was made to support healthy skin and comes in a 30 ml container.
    • Eye Cream – Joy Organic’s eye cream improves the appearance of skin around the eye area. It comes in a 30 ml container and has a strength of 150 mg.
    • Face Mask – This mask helps protect skin from free radicals. It comes in a 1.05 oz package and has a strength of 10 mg.
    • Face Serum – Joy Organic’s face serum helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles. It comes in a 30 ml container and has a strength of 90mg.
    • Night Cream – This cream works to restore skin overnight and comes in a 30ml container.

Joy Organics’ Manufacturing Process

Joy Organic’s hemp products are grown in nutrient-rich soil in the United States, using 100% organic practices. Plants are then harvested, dried, and warehoused. When a plant is needed for processing, it is milled into a fine powder and sent to their manufacturing facility in Colorado. The company then performs a hemp extraction and purification process that preserves the plant’s beneficial phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, while getting rid of unwanted compounds. Once extracted, the oil is pressed and separated from undesirable plant solids, like waxes. The oil is then distilled to separate the hemp from the food grade ethanol used in the extraction process. Next, proprietary technology is used to remove unwanted compounds still present in the oil, such as wax, chlorophyll, plant pigments, and trace amounts of THC. As a final step, Joy Organics then sends the product to their in-house laboratory, as well as to third-party labs, for testing.

Some products go through a proprietary nano-emulsion technology as well. This transforms the particles into nanosized emulsions, giving them better bioavailability.

Joy Organics’ Lab Results

To learn more about Joy Organics’ lab results, click here.

Joy Organics Pros and Cons


    • Family-owned business
    • Personal company story
    • Products are lab tested
    • Products are organic
    • Website is extremely easy to navigate
    • They use a proprietary non-emulsion technology
    • Good product selection
    • Products are affordable


Although we have an overall good feeling about Joy Organics, it should be noted that they source their products from Folium Biosciences. Folium is a reliable company that many CBD sellers use. However, when Joy Organics talks about its manufacturing processes, it seems like they manufacture themselves. Whether they do or not is unclear since they are buying products from another company.

Another bit of controversy surrounding Joy Organics is that some may be confused by the company’s claims that their products are full spectrum but also THC-free. The terms full spectrum and broad spectrum are loosely defined. While it could mean that THC is included in the product, it could also mean that there are other compounds present, besides THC, that enhance the CBD experience. Joy Organics does not address this matter in their FAQ section.


Although there are some gray areas in the way Joy Organics represents themselves, we are confident that they are providing high-quality products to their consumers. Overall, we give Joy Organics a big old thumbs up!


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