Isodiol Review

While CBD is a beneficial product that can provide health and wellness to a number of people, finding quality CBD can be difficult. Because there is so much confusion regarding the legality of the compound, the market is not highly regulated. This can make it difficult for consumers to find the quality products they need.

At Quality CBD, we want to help consumers find the best products possible. That’s why we provide honest reviews of CBD brands. We are hoping these will help you to find the best CBD companies and stay away from those with questionable practices. As a part of our mission, this article will provide you a review of the Isodiol company.


Company Info

Before continuing, you should be aware that there is a lot of controversy surrounding the Isiodiol company. The information provided here will simply review the content on the web site. Later in the article, we will dig deeper to let you know what some people are saying about Isodiol.

Isodiol works with a team of collaborators that make up a group of companies that harvest hemp on an industrial scale. They then process the hemp and use extraction methods that result in pure, high quality hemp.

The company’s access to one of the world’s largest hemp farms allow it to produce industrial volumes of high grade CBD. Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic companies have gained market shares as a result.

Isodiol’s management team is made up of passionate individuals committed to bring natural cannabinoids to the global market. They believe their corporate and business experience will push them to the forefront in bringing CBD to the mainstream.

Company Mission

In addition to bringing high quality CBD to the mainstream market, Isodiol also bring together teams of experienced chemists, professors and technicians who have developed unique cultivars that are processed to extract pure CBD oil.

They use proprietary extraction methods and own exclusive technological and production capacity rights that can not be found anywhere else in the world.

Despite advances in technology, Isodiol is still committed to sustainable, non-GMO agricultural practices without the use of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. Their ability to work on a large scale allows them to keep prices low as well.


Product Descriptions

Isodiol is known for providing innovative products to their customers. Here is what their product line includes:

Bioactive CBD: Isodiol’s Bioactive line includes a variety of products including creams, tinctures, a nanomist, supplements, sleep aids and more.

Pot-o-Coffee: These coffees have natural flavors and are infused with a powerful hemp complex known as Heneplex. The coffee can also be purchased in convenient single serve packs. The coffees come in several flavors and a de-caf variety.

Cannaceuticals Skin Care: Isodiol sells a number of skin care products said to provide an anti-aging effect. These include serums, creams, gels, toners and more.

Iso-Sport: The Isodiol Iso-Sport line is designed to help athletes perform at their best. The products include topicals for pain management, supplements and sports drinks.

CBD Xtreme: The Xtreme line includes gummies, energy shots, vape products and oils designed to provide the ultimate in health benefits.

Isoderm: This is a line of topicals made to provide the ultimate in pain relief.

Aquivita Water: Aquivita includes three kinds of waters in CBD powered, alkaline rich, spring varieties.

Bradley’s Brand: These flavored hemp CBD tinctures are available in three pack combos. Strength ranges from 500mg to 2500 mg.

Kathy Ireland Health and Wellness: Isidiol’s Kathy Ireland line includes supplements and tinctures that are hemp derived CBD products with botanical blends.

Holiday kits and wholesale options are also available.

Manufacturing process

There is not much information available about the location of the farms where Isodiol’s hemp is grown. Claims have been made that the farms are located in Switzerland, although others claim this is not true and that the farms are actually located in China.

According to the company, they use only organic, sustainable non-GMO practices when growing their hemp. They use a proprietary extraction method that allows for the production of pure, high quality CBD. Not much is available about these extraction methods in detail nor does the company reveal much about the bottling process.

Although I have heard that products are third party tested with results available upon request, I have seen no evidence of this on their web site.

Lab Results

Supposedly available upon request

Pros and Cons

Here is where things get interesting. Let’s start by exploring the pros.


  • Isodiol offers a wide range of innovative products.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Most customers seem to find the products effective.


Although not many complaints have been made regarding the effectiveness of the company’s product, many consumers seem to disapprove of the way Isodiol does business.

From a personal perspective, the company does seem overwhelmingly corporate based. There is no personal story and they seem a bit too concerned with acquisitions as opposed to caring for each customer on an individual level.

Further exploration reveals that the company’s management has had a history of affiliation with alleged pyramid and Ponzi schemes as well as run ins with the SEC and FDA. This is only the beginning of a long list of accusations being made that call the company’s reputation into question.

In addition to that, one writer who reviewed the company mentioned that he had requested lab report documents for the brand and never received them.

In addition to this are the claims that the company made false reports about where their hemp is grown. Indeed, things are looking bleak.

And if we may add one more, although the web site does offer a number of innovative products, shopping can be a bit overwhelming for consumers looking for something to best suit their needs.


Although there haven’t been many complaints made regarding the effectiveness of the company’s products, the amount of dishonesty that seems to be attached to Isodiol’s reputation is enough of a turn off for me. With many other fish in the sea, I would take my business elsewhere if I were you!

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