Hemp Bombs Review

CBD is becoming more well known in the world of natural medicine for the health benefits it can provide. However, due to questions surrounding its legality, the market is still highly unregulated. Because of this, many suppliers sell products with questionable ingredients.

Quality CBD believes that people should be able to find the products they need without having to worry about shady suppliers. That’s why we do our best to provide you with honest, unbiased reviews of CBD retailers.

Today’s review is of Hemp Bombs, a nationwide retailer of CBD products. Keep reading to find out if Hemp Bombs is a retailer you can trust.

hemp bombs

Hemp Bombs Overview

Hemp Bombs sources its CBD from organic-certified industrial hemp that is free from contaminants. They adhere to strict sourcing requirements, follow their own set of quality control guidelines, and utilize third-party testing to ensure their products meet all standards. Their products are THC-free and provide an authentic, relaxing experience to users.

It should be noted that the brand cannot claim all products are completely gluten-free, non-GMO, or organic. Although Hemp Bombs asserts that their products are grown without fertilizers and pesticides, they may contain other non-organic, non-vegan ingredients.

Hemp Bombs’ Mission

Hemp Bomb’s mission is to provide high quality CBD products to their customers.

Hemp Bombs’ Website

 You can learn more about Hemp Bombs at their website: https://hempbombs.com

Hemp Bombs’ Product Categories

Hemp Bombs provides a wide variety of products.

Edibles: Hemp Bombs’ edible products range from the following:

    • Lollipops – these come in four flavors, each containing 40 milligrams of CBD.
    • Gummies – choose from original gummies, high potency gummies, and sleep gummies, available in a variety of package sizes and potencies.
    • Capsules – capsules range in quantity from 5 to 60 and in strength from 15-25 mg.
    • Syrup – relaxation syrups are available, ranging from 100-1000 mg.
    • Chill Shot – made to be taken on the go, chill shots come in singles and five packs.

CBD Oil: Hemp Bombs’ CBD oils range in strength from 300-4000 mg.

Vape Products: Hemp Bombs’ vape products include vape oils, vape additives, vape tanks, vape batteries, and vape pens.

Topicals: Hemp Bombs’ sells a topical product called Pain Freeze, which comes in 1 oz. and 4 oz. tubs and ranges in strength from 50-200 mg.

Pet Products: Hemp Bombs has products available for furry friends, including CBD oil for pets, ranging in strength from 125-1000 mg, and CBD dog biscuits.

Other Products: Hemp Bombs offers products for beard care and skin care, as well as oils that can increase pleasure in the bedroom.

Hemp Bombs’ Manufacturing Process

The Hemp Bombs web site does not specifically go into detail about the manufacturing process and does not supply information on where the hemp is grown. Our own research found that Hemp Bombs uses a complex manufacturing process to isolate and separate CBD from other chemicals in the plant. Once separated, products are lab tested to ensure they are pure and THC-free.

Hemp Bombs’ Lab Results

To learn more about Hemp Bombs’ lab test results, click here.

Hemp Bombs’ Pros and Cons

Hemp Bombs has many pros and cons related to its company practices and the products they offer.


    •  They provide lab testing
    • They’re transparent in letting customers know that products are not vegan, non-GMO, and non-organic
    • They offer a wide variety of products
    • Some reviews say products are effective


    • Their products are not certified vegan, non-GMO, and organic
    • Some find that their lab testing is not thorough
    • Their website is difficult to navigate
    • Their products do not contain THC, so there are no broad-spectrum options

Hemp Bombs has gotten a lot of negative feedback from the CBD community.

Some consumers say that their products contain unsafe ingredients. Others note that their lab tests are outdated and that certain chemicals on the reports are listed as NT or Not Tested.

Their website itself comes across as spammy, with an overload of information that doesn’t account for much and is filled with cutesy products to draw you in.

From our point of view, we don’t like the fact that there is not adequate information provided about the company’s manufacturing process, and that we have no idea where their farms are located or who is behind the product.


Proceed at your own risk! Hemp Bombs may seem like a fun company, but with so much unknown as far as the source of their hemp and its ingredients, I would opt for another supplier if possible. And with so many great options out there, it shouldn’t be hard to find a more reliable source for your CBD needs.

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