Green Roads Review


If you have tried to purchase CBD, you may already know how difficult it is to find safe, effective products. Because legalities are a gray area, products are not regulated, and many companies put impure ingredients into what they manufacture. So how can you find the best sources for your needs?

Quality CBD only is on a mission to help its readers find the safest, most effective products possible and we do that by providing honest reviews of CBD retailers so you can find out which brands you will be best off buying from. Read on for a comprehensive review of Green Roads.

Green Roads

Company information

According to Green Roads ‘About Us’ page, they are a company committed to improving the quality of life of CBD users by providing products that contain pure, effective ingredients. Their products are available in over 5000 retail stores and they have over 1 million online customers. They offer edibles, oils and other products and use lab testing.


Green Roads mission is to offer a safe effective alternative to prescription medication in the treatment of pain, disease, anxiety and other ailments CBD can effectively treat.
The company is also behind a nonprofit called Mission Zero. This organization’s mission is to end U.S. veteran suicide and the mental anguish associated with PTSD.


Manufacturing Process

According to Green Roads web site, this is how their CBD processing works.

They start by using high quality hemp that is grown without pesticides or GMO’s. Then, they use CO2 extraction to extract the CBD from the hemp plant. This is said to be the best method of extraction leaving behind the purest isolates that are completely solvent free.

The CBD isolate is than formulated into Green Roads products by a licensed pharmacist. A high quality vegetable glycerin and hemp seed oil is used as a base for all their products.

The products then undergo lab testing and they are packaged into finished goods before they are shipped around the world.


Though ingredients in their products may vary, Green Roads claims to use pure hemp as well as vegetable glycerin and hemp seed oil as a base for all their products.

Product Categories

Green Roads carries a wide selection of CBD products. These include:

CBD Oils: Green Roads carries a variety of CBD oils that range in strength from 100 mg to 1000 mg. They also have daily does shots available.

CBD Edibles: There are a number of edibles available on the site. These include gummies, fruit chews, candy and more. They range in strength from 10 to 300 mg.

CBD Bundles: At Green Roads, customers can buy products in bundles. They have a Sweet Tooth Bundle of their edibles, while their Stars and Stripes Bundle, Founder’s Favorite Bundle and Mission Zero Bundle include products that are good for relaxation and pain relief.

CBD Capsules: Those that prefer their CBD in capsule form can opt for Green Roads’ 750 mg capsules.

CBD Terpenes: Sold in dropper form, these oils come in a variety of flavors. Daily doses are available as well.

CBD Pain Cream: These creams can be applied directly to the body and are available in a variety of strengths.

CBD Syrups: Advertised as a sleep aid, these syrups come in a variety of flavors.

CBD Oil for Pets: Those who would like their pets to get the benefits of CBD oil can buy King Kalm CBD for canines in 150 mg strength.

CBD Concentrate: Green Roads concentrates are said to be an immediate product of CBD extraction which isolates the CBD molecules from all other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. They are available in 450 mg strength and come in a variety of flavors.

CBD Tea and CBD Coffee: Made for calming and healing, you can choose from CBD’s selection of CBD coffee, CBD decaf coffee and organic CBD tea.

Lab Reports

Pros and Cons

Rather than create a list of pros and cons, we would like to start off by mentioning that there is a bit of controversy surrounding the Green Roads brand. There are a number of Reddit threads that question the band’s marketing strategies as well as its integrity.

One Reddit thread claims the band is too pricey and that they use marketing methods that are overly spammy. There are also complaints that the brand has not landed on the Reddit vetted list of reputable CBD sources. In our experience, we did notice that prices were rather high and became annoyed by constant pop ups that appeared at the bottom of the page while we were trying to research the site.

Other Reddit threads question Green Roads’ lab reports. As an interesting side note, be warned, just because a company includes lab reports on their web site, it does not mean they are a reputable company. Unfortunately, most do not know how to read lab reports to understand that there could be impure ingredients in products or that levels of certain ingredients may be too low or too high.

According to the Reddit threads, Green Roads products contain levels of heptane and ethanol that are over the legal limits and the use residual solvents. Others say that the reports do not show whether or not the products contain contaminants.

On a personal note, we disliked the fact that there wasn’t much of a company story on the web site explaining the background of the Green Roads brand. This left a very impersonal taste in our mouths, and a sense that the product wasn’t being backed by a caring human being.

On a positive note, the Reddit threads did have comments from some users who have taken their products and found them effective. Their web site is also easy to navigate and they feature a wide selection of products.


When it comes to buying CBD products, there are way too many fish in the sea to waste your time looking into purchasing from a company with questionable lab reports. Despite a handful of favorable reviews, I would keep shopping if I were you!

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