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The health benefits CBD can provide are becoming more widely known, but those who are turning to the compound for the healing powers it can provide may find it difficult to find the most effective products. Because the legality of CBD is still so questionable, the market is not regulated. That means, there are a lot of companies out there that are selling products that may not be as safe and effective as they would hope.

In an effort to help people navigate the world of CBD to find the safest, most effective products, we are keeping you updated with honest company reviews, so you can determine the best sources to buy from. In this article, we will be looking at Elixinol.

Company information

The Elixinol was founded by CBD advocate Paul Benhaim whose passion for CBD can be traced back to 1991, when he first learned that hemp seed is a superior source of essential fatty acids

Benhaim went on to create the ever popular 9bar snack bar, developed numerous businesses and got behind causes supporting the industrial hemp industry in an effort to create the best organic hemp products for the masses. He travels all over the find the highest quality hemp in the world and works with seed breeders, growers and suppliers to make sure Elixinol products are safe and effective.

The company makes sure their products go through rigorous testing procedures, even dummying up batches to assure labs are doing all they can to identify abnormalities. They also provide the ultimate in transparency and traceability by assigning batch numbers to all their products. This ensures that if a bad batch goes out, it can be recalled immediately.

Elixinol employs a strict non GMO policy and they are constantly updating to use the most innovative methods to make their products safe and effective.


The mission of Elixinol is based on their seven pillars of success. They are looking to educate and inspire others to live naturally healthy and happy lives. They are also committed to the excellence that comes from their superior product sourcing and development.

When choosing channel partners, the company looks for strong professionals that share their core values and commitment to excellence in the marketing and distribution of their products. Their hope is that this is the spirit that is passed on to their customers who are, in turn, rewarded with superior service.

Finally, Elixinol is big on giving back. They actively contribute to organizations that are aligned with their mission of working towards improved human health and an environmentally friendly world.



Product Categories

Elixinol offers a variety of products on their website. These are as follows:

CBD Capsules: Guaranteed to be pure and high quality, these capsules come in strengths of 450 and 900 mg.

Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures: Elixinol’s tinctures are guaranteed to provide maximum health benefits. They are available in strengths that range from 300 to 5000 mg and come in a variety of flavors including natural, grape mint and cinnamint.

CBD Oil Liposomes: These allow hemp oil to pass through body membranes with ease and can get the oil into your body faster than ever. They can be mixed with water or sprayed on to the tongue. They are available in strengths of 300 and 1000 mg and come in a citrus twist flavor.

X Pen 1000 mg CBD Oil Oral Applicators: This pen provides precise serving sizes, airless delivery and secure storage. The removable, washable tip provides the product is hygienic and it comes in a proprietary violet polymer housing that protects it from light to prolong freshness.

CBD Topical Balms: The topical balms available include a lip balm that can rejuvenate dry and chapped lips and skin balm that promotes cell repair to keep skin in the best possible condition.

Respira Versatile CBD Tinctures: These oils are specially formulated for easy application and quick absorption. They are available in strengths of 300 and 600 mg and come in natural and grape mint flavors.

Hemp Seeds and Protein Powder: These wholefood hemp products are great for bodybuilders or anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Try their 16 oz. protein powder or their 8 oz. hemp seeds.

CBD Dog Treats: Your dog can get the benefits of CBD with these delicious treats. They are made for small, medium and large breed dogs and come in interesting flavors like peanut butter banana and blueberry cranberry.

Manufacturing Process

Elixinol starts the manufacturing process by finding the highest quality hemp products possible. Then they use CO2 extraction which minimizes thermal degradation and ensures the product is extracted at a temperature closest to the botanical material and that it is untainted by chemical solvents.

They then put their products through a rigorous testing process at their laboratories. Their facilities use the latest technology in manufacturing including performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), mass spectrometry (MS), process chromatography, gas chromatography (CS) and distillation machines.

Products are then sent to a third party laboratory for further testing before they are sent out to their customers.


Ingredients in Elixinol products may vary but they stress using only the purest, non GMO ingredients. They never compromise on quality when choosing ingredients for their products.

Their cinnamint tincture, for instance, uses a variety of cinnamon that is extracted using the same solvent free super critical fluid extraction techniques used in their hemp plants. The result is a compound called cinnamaldehyde which offers health benefits as well as a great natural flavor.

Lab Reports


Pros and Cons

There are a number of positive things to say about the Elixinol line. Let’s see if we can find any cons.


  • Elixinol products are guaranteed to be safe. They are tested for pesticides, mycotoxins and heavy metals using rigorous standards and results are published on their web site.
  • Because Elixinol uses a CO2 extraction method, their products are high quality containing all the synergistic terpenes, cannabinoids, essential oils and other compounds of the original plant.
  • Elixinol is an innovative company who created one of the best oral applicators for concentrated CBD oil in the industry. It protects against UV, air pockets and wasting the product.
  • Elixinol products are made of pure hemp. There are no synthetic additives included.
  • The company provides a wide range of products making for a nice variety without being overwhelming.
  • The Elixinol web site is easy to navigate and the check out process is simple
  • Products on the web site are reasonably priced.
  • Elixinol has terrific customer reviews.
  • Elixinol is backed by years of industry experience making them one of the more reputable brands in the industry.


  • We’re going to have to leave this section blank.


In striving to bring you honest reviews, our aim is to reveal both the negative and positive we find in any brand. When it comes to Elixinol, we couldn’t find one negative thing to say. This brand is highly recommended as a go to for your CBD products.

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