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Although CBD is becoming a well known natural medical alternative, those seeking its healing benefits may find the purchasing process confusing. Because there are so many gray areas involving the legality of CBD, products on the market may not be as safe as effective as they claim. To help you better navigate the waters of purchasing CBD, we provide our readers with honest reviews of CBD retailers. Today, we will be looking at CW Hemp.

Company Info

The CW Company was founded by seven brothers who believe in creating a world where everyone can improve their quality of life through the use of CBD. They have a hands on approach to farming and work out of an FDA registered facility where they strive to manufacture high quality products. They are the world’s leading brand by market share in the production and distribution of innovative hemp based wellness products.

The company started when the brothers became interested in a girl named Charlotte Figi. (This would be the inspiration for the company name, CW, Charlotte’s Web). Charlotte was suffering from a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. The brothers saw how CBD worked to help reduce her seizures and hence, how it could help others in the world. They began the company to make quality CBD more accessible to those in need.


CW’s mission is to improve quality of life by providing people with safe effective CBD products. According to the company, this mission is at the core of everything they do.


Product Categories

CW Hemp provides a number of CBD based products including the following:

CBD Oil Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract: The hemp CW sells provides CBD, CBC, CBG and other beneficial phytocompounds. Their CBD oils come in original formula, extra strength, full strength and maximum strength.

CBD Isolate: This product is meant to provide a boost to your CBD routine. It is USA grown hemp and 20 mg per 1 mL serving.

CBD for Dogs: This hemp extract can be given to dogs to provide a sense of calm and provide support for their hips and joint. It is USA grown hemp and 25 mg per 1 mL serving.

CBD capsules: These supplements can help to relieve anxiety and support recovery from exercise. They contain 8 mg of CBD per capsule.

CBD Topical: These products can be applied directly to skin for nourishing results. Both creams and balms are available.

Manufacturing Process

There is not much information available on the manufacturing process CW uses. Here is some information we managed to find.

In the case of the extraction process used for the isolate, the company states it uses a proprietary process that allows them to isolate CBD from the hemp extract.

The company also starts their manufacturing process with high quality botanicals.

They are not organic certified but hope to adhere to practices that will allow them to become organic certified in the near future. The pesticides, mildewcides and herbicides used on their plants are 100% organic.


The CW company provides an ingredients list of their products in their FAQ section. However, we had difficulty with the web site when it came to seeing a full list of the ingredients included in their oils and capsules as these files would not load on our computer.

We had a bit more luck with seeing the ingredients for their lotions and balms which seem to contain a number of essential oils and other natural ingredients.

Lab Reports

Lab reports are available at the following link and can be looked up according to batch number:

Pros and Cons

There are a number of pros and cons regarding the CW company. Here are some things to consider before making a purchasing decision.


  • The company has been around for a while and has earned a reputation for making a reputable product. It has been listed as a reputable company on the Reddit site.
  • According to customer reviews, the products are effective at fighting epilepsy and can provide pain relief to those suffering with certain conditions.
  • CW provides a good selection of products.
  • Good company story supporting the health of a young girl. Family owned business.


  • TThe web site is difficult to navigate in terms of getting company information.
  • Products are high priced.
  • Customers complain of slow shipping.
  • Products are generally low dose. Many complain of needing a higher dose for their needs.
  • Products are difficult to measure with dropper supplied.
  • Because lab reports are only available with a batch number, they are impossible to view until after you’ve purchased the product.


Despite having a difficult time getting company information through the web site, there are enough customer reviews attesting to the effectiveness of CW’s products to support the company’s reputation. I would feel confident buying this product for its healing properties although the high prices and less than stellar customer service could serve as deterrents. Proceed with caution.

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