Cibdol Review

With the CBD market still being highly unregulated, how can you ensure that the products you are buying will work as advertised?

Quality CBD Only wants to cut back on good people giving their money to dishonest sellers. That’s why we provide honest reviews of CBD brands to separate the good from the bad.

In this review, we will be taking a look at the Cibdol company. Keep reading to find out if they are a CBD retailer that you can trust.


Company Overview

Cibdol is a company with offices located in Switzerland and the Netherlands that offers 100% natural CBD oils made from European hemp. They do not use any artificial ingredients and work to eliminate impurities to ensure their products are of the highest quality possible. They believe in delivering goods that live up to a gold standard and are constantly reviewing their manufacturing process to find ways to improve.

Their food safety system is audited annually, and they also have a Halal certification which ensures their products are safe for people, animals, and the environment. Cibdol are partners with the Fundacion Canna, working together to facilitate a more accountable cannabis industry.

They provide discreet and easy to use product packaging, and their products are full spectrum and THC-free.

Company Mission

Cibdol’s mission is “to provide customers with the finest CBD oils on the market, upholding the utmost transparency in the production process.”

Web Site

To learn more about the company, visit their website at


Cibdol offers a wide variety of CBD products.

CBD Oil: Cibdol offers CBD oil in 10 ml, 30 ml, and 50 ml sizes. The products come in different strengths with CBD percentages ranging from 2.5% to 10%.

Softgel Capsules: Softgel capsules are available in bottles of 60. Strengths include 4% and 10% CBD.

Hemp Seed Oil: This combines the health benefits of hemp seeds with CBD. Bottles come in sizes of 10 ml, 30 ml, and 50 ml, and strengths of 5% and 20%.

Lipsomal CBD: This oil provides a turbo boost of CBD for increased potency and faster absorption. It comes in strengths of 2.5 % and 4%.

CBD Black Cumin Seed Oil: This extract provides the benefits of the Nigella sativa plant. It is available in a 10ml bottle and 3% strength.

Soridol (Psoriasis cream): This cream comes in a 100 mg strength and a 50 ml size. It is designed to relieve the itch and pain associated with psoriasis.

Aczedol (Acne cream): This comes in a 50 ml bottle with a strength of 100 mg. It is meant to treat acne and alleviate the itching, burning sensation it produces.

Zemadol (Eczema cream): This cream comes in a 50 ml, 100 mg strength bottle. It helps relieve the irritation and dryness associated with eczema.

CBD Hand Cream: This comes in a 100 ml bottle with a strength of 200 mg. It is meant to soothe hands that are dry and work-worn.

Anti-aging Cream with CBD: This comes in a 50 ml, 100 mg container. Its mixture of CBD, shea butter, and allantoin is designed to reverse the signs of aging.

Meladol: This combines CBD and melatonin to improve the sleep cycle. The bottle is 30 ml and offers 30 doses.

Lipsomal Vitamin C: This product combines CBD and vitamin C to provide benefits to the cells in the body. It comes in a 150 ml bottle and has a strength of 90 mg.

Lipsomal Multi-Vitamin with CBD: This CBD multivitamin comes in a 150ml bottle and 90 mg strength.

Lip Balm: This combination of CBD and mango seed butter helps to keep lips moisturized. It comes in a 5 ml container.

Lab Results

You can find lab results for Cibdol at In addition to these lab results, many of the products have results included in their descriptions.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process Cibdol uses starts with CBD extraction. Products then go through decarboxylation, purification, terpene enriching, and quality control. The oils are made in Swiss laboratories where innovative methods are used to ensure products are as pure and potent as possible. Then, products are tested and analyzed to gauge the levels of CBD and other compounds in the plant.

Pros and Cons


  • They have extensive lab testing for their products
  • They partner with Canna
  • They are Halal accredited
  • Their products are certified by food and safety standards
  • Their products use all natural ingredients, are full spectrum and THC-free
  • They offer a good product selection
  • Their liposomal delivery boosts bioavailability


  • The product has gotten many bad reviews due to slow international shipping
  • There are no test results for cannabinoid profiles and heavy metals


Although the quality of this product has been questioned, we feel there is enough testing and certification available to trust the CBD to be effective. However, the slow shipping could be problematic for some. Weigh your priorities to determine if this brand is right for you.


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