CBDMD Review

CBD is known to provide several health benefits, but legal gray areas are such that the market is highly unregulated. This makes it difficult for those in need to get the quality products that will help improve their wellbeing.

Quality CBD believes that everyone should be able to find the products they need to improve their quality of life. That’s why we provide honest reviews of CBD suppliers for our readers. For this review, we will be looking at the company CBDMD to find out if they are a recommended source for CBD products.

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CBD MD grow their hemp in Kentucky, a state known for soil that is perfect for hemp production. They believe this allows for products with higher concentration of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids.

They have a team of botanists and cultivators who use the latest in agricultural advancements and monitor each plant as it germinates so that they will thrive throughout harvest. The company believes that taking these measures enable them to create a high quality product.

All CBDMD products are third party lab tested.

CBDMD Mission

Though the company’s mission is not clearly stated on the website, the landing page of their web site attests that they provide high quality products that are rich in CBD, cannabinoids and other amino acids. According to mostly favorable reviews on the internet, it seems the company is able to provide a high level of CBD to their customers.

The company also does its best to educate its users on the benefits of CBD and provides a buying guide allowing consumers to make informative choices.

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CBDMD Products

CBDMD provides a wide variety of products. These include the following:

Tinctures: CBDMD’s tinctures are available in 30 mL and 60 mL sizes. They come in a variety of flavors and strength ranges from 300 – 5000 mg.

CBD Oil Capsules: Oil capsules come in 30 count and 60 count bottles. Strength ranges from 450 mg to 3000 mg.

CBD Gummies: The site sells gummies in 30 count bottles with a strength of 300 mg.

CBD Vape Oils: Vape oils are available in various flavors, strengths and sizes. Choose bottles of 30 or 60 mL in strengths that range from 300 mg to 3000 mg.

Topicals: The topicals available include CBD Freeze which provides cold therapy pain relief. They are available in 3 oz rollers that range in strength from 750 mg to 1500 mg.

The site also sells moisturizing lotion and inflammation formulas that are available in sizes the range from 2-4 oz and strengths of 300-1500 mg.

Bath Bombs: CBDMD’s bath bombs come in a variety of flavors and each offer different healing properties. They are also available in multipacks.

Pet Products: Tinctures are available for dogs, cats and horses. You can choose from a variety of sizes and strengths for your pet. Dog treats are available as well.

Companion Box: CBDMD’s Companion Box includes two tinctures, one for you and one for your pet. Each bottle is 30 mL and comes in strengths ranging from 300-3000 mg.

Manufacturing Process

CBDMD Manufacturing process

CBDMD’s products are grown on a Kentucky farm. Products are carefully observed during growth and the latest technology is used to ensure high quality hemp.

The company then uses CO2, broad spectrum extraction which preserves the terpenes and other beneficial compounds of the plant.

Finally, products undergo rigorous third party testing to ensure quality and purity.

CBDMD Lab Results


Pros and Cons


  • Products are 100% organic
  • USA grown using high quality soil and state of the art technology
  • Non-GMO
  • Free shipping on orders in the USA
  • Wide variety of products
  • Third party testing
  • Site offers educational resources
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Pure extraction methods used
  • Mostly positive customer and product reviews


  • One thing I did notice about CBDMD is that on their ‘About-Facility and Farm’ page they talk about how their crops are grown in Kentucky but then also make mention of Colorado and how the state also has great growing conditions. However, it never makes it clear as to whether they grow in Colorado as well??? CBDMD…please clarify. This makes us question the growing and manufacturing processes of the company.
  • The company also has occasional poor customer reviews.


CBDMD’s products seem to be high quality and dependable. However, the lack of clarity on their web site gives us cause for unease. If you feel the same, you may want to turn to another company for your CBD purchases.

If you used CBDMD products we want to hear from you – let us know your feedback!

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