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On the hunt for quality CBD brands. Read this review on CBDfx to learn everything you should know about this company from manufacturing process to products lines, and if it is a recommended source for your CBD needs.

The world of CBD can be difficult to navigate. Though legislation is becoming more open minded concerning CBD, many gray areas remain resulting in a highly unregulated market.

At Quality CBD Only, we want everybody to enjoy the best results possible from their CBD products. That’s why we provide our readers with honest reviews of CBD retailers. In this article will be looking at CBDfx. Read on to find out whether they are a trusted source for your CBD.

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CBDfx Company Info

If you look on the CBDfx website, you will see there is no About Us page. We were able to gather some info from their Facebook page and other sections of their website.

The company sells a variety of products and seems to be particularly proud of their vapes. They have won awards for 2015 CBD ‘Vape Additive of the Year’, as well as a Pure Quality Award and a CBD Innovator award. Their site offers educational resources on CBD and they also provide military and first responder discounts and have a 30 day return policy.

CBDfx Mission

As stated on their Facebook page, CBD fx delivers ‘the highest quality, pharmaceutical standard CBD based products with a fun, innovative edge’.

CBDfx Website


CBDfx Products

Vape Products: CBDfx offers an almost overwhelming selection of vape products including vape juice, terpenes oil, e-liquid, vape oil additive, vape pens, vape cartridges, vape kits and a vape bundle. Products come in various strengths, flavors and sizes.

Gummies: The site offers an assortment of gummies that can also be purchased separately or in bundles with other products.

CBD Tinctures: Tinctures can come in double packs, single packs or can be bought in bundles with other products. Strength ranges from 500 mg to 1500 mg.

Hemp Capsules: These can be bought in capsules or pouches and range in strength from 200 mg to 750 mg.

CBD for Pets: The pet section offers oils for small, medium and large breed dogs. Potencies range from 150 mg to 600 mg.

CBD Drinks: CBDfx carries a Lemonade Chill Shot. This 2 oz bottle can be bought in a single pack, 3 pack, 6 pack or 12 pack.

CBD Wax: CBD wax can be purchased through the site in the form of a wax pen or concentrated dabs.

CBD Terpenes: Terpenes are available in a variety of flavors and can be bought in strengths of 250 and 500 mg.

CBD Topicals: Topicals available on the website include CBD cream, CBD balm and CBD lotion. They come in strengths of 100 mg and 150 mg and can be purchased separately or in a bundle.

CBDfx Manufacturing Process

Keeping with their mysterious theme, the CBDfx manufacturing process is not clearly stated on their website. I went outside of the website to google ‘CBDfx manufacturing process’ and was taken back in to one of their blogs which discussed various manufacturing methods and made a quick statement about CO2 extraction being their method of choice.

When I tried to Google their growing practices, I was taken to an FAQ page which I was also unable to access through their home page. Here they address this concern with the question “Why don’t you source your hemp from within Colorado, California or Oregon?’

The site goes on to answer that because they sell nationwide and worldwide, there are too many legal gray areas regarding hemp cultivation in the United States. To avoid that, they source their hemp from other countries where they know it is legal to do so.

CBDfx Lab Results


It should be mentioned that there are no lab reports available for their Full Spectrum Tincture.

Pros and Cons

Okay, let’s start with the pros. No doubt you will get high quality products, a good variety (maybe to the point where it can be confusing to find which is right for you) and free shipping in the United States. But overall, this company just left a bad taste in my mouth.

At first glance, the site came off as very salesy with pop up ads and everything. I didn’t appreciate the lack of information and the vague references concerning their growing and manufacturing processes and the lack of lab tests for full spectrum products were a cause for concern. I also want to buy from a company that has more of a story or can at least let me know a bit about themselves.

One saving grace is that many say that they have a customer service staff that is very accessible and responsive. If you would like to buy from the company but have concerns due to their lack of identity, perhaps a call would be helpful.


If you are interested in getting high quality CBD products, CBDfx may be a good place to purchase from. However, I felt a little uncomfortable with CBDfx, as to me transparency is the key in such a market. The lack of identity put too many concerns in my mind and with so many competitors in the market that are way more transparent, I would take my business elsewhere.

Please share your experience with us if you used CBDfx.


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