CBD is becoming more widely known for the health benefits it can provide. But because there is so much controversy surrounding the industry, the market is highly unregulated which makes it difficult for people to find effective products.

In an effort to help consumers find reliable CBD products, Quality CBD Only is providing our readers with honest reviews of select sellers. Read on to find out more about the Cannuka company.


Company Overview

Cannuka is a company that specializes in CBD-infused health and beauty items. They use only natural ingredients, including Manuka honey, which has healing properties that work to relieve dryness and inflammation in the skin.

The company was founded by Michael Bumgarner, who grew up on a farm and became interested in legalizing industrial hemp cultivation due to the many health benefits it could provide. He works closely with his wife Kelly, who is a respected dermatologist. The company works to legitimize the benefits of cannabis and continues on their journey to provide wellness to their customers.


Cannuka is dedicated to delivering health and well-being through nature, while celebrating limitless possibilities in their commitment to the health and beauty of their customers.


To learn more about Cannuka, visit their website at


Here are some of the products Cannuka offers.

Calming Eye Balm: This product works to moisturize, protect, and refresh under eye skin. It comes in a .44 oz. container.

Nourishing Body Cream: This cream has a light, citrusy scent that absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling soft and silky. It comes in a 3.2 oz container.

Skin Balm: Cannuka’s skin balm works to heal skin, leaving it feeling restored. It is available in a 1.6 oz container.

CBD Hydrating Lip Balm: This product works to soothe, moisturize, and nourish lips. It comes in a .15 oz. container.

CBD Cleansing Body Bar: This can be used as a soap, and makes your skin feel smooth and refreshed. It comes in a 7.0 oz bar.

CBD Harmonizing Face Cream: This product offers lightweight skin protection, and is available in a 3.2 oz container.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process Cannuka uses is not clearly explained on their web site, but the site claims the products are sustainably sourced and thoughtfully harvested. The Maluka honey they use is directly harvested on New Zealand’s oldest farms, and they have been consistently producing quality CBD since 2014.They use CBD isolate crystalline in their topicals to ensure all products are CBD-free.

Lab Results

Cannuka’s lab results can be found at

Pros and Cons


  • They are a family-owned company
  • They provided a CoA
  • Their products are shown to be effective and free of contaminants
  • Their products have mostly positive online reviews
  • Their website is easy to navigate
  • They offer a good product selection


  • Their CBD Nourishing Body Cream contains stearic acid which is treated with harsh chemicals
  • There is no information on the site about how their CBD is sourced or extracted
  • Their web store is currently sold out, so products can only be purchased at local retailers (There is a link on the site directing customers to retail outlets where they can buy the products though no further information is provided as to why they are sold out or when the products will become available for online purchase again.)


Cannuka’s products have received enough positive reviews to qualify it as a trustworthy name in CBD skincare. However, their lack of transparency may be a cause for concern for some, and the inconvenience posed by the products being temporarily unavailable online can be a major issue for many. We recommend you proceed with caution!


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