Bluebird Botanicals Review

Although CBD is becoming a well known natural alternative for the treatment of pain, anxiety and a number of illnesses and diseases, its legality is still a gray area. As a result, the market is highly unregulated making it difficult for those in need to find quality products.

Quality CBD provides honest reviews of CBD retailers to help consumers find the most effective products for their needs. This article will be looking at Bluebird Botanicals. Read on to find out if this company is a trusted source for purchasing CBD.




Company information

The Bluebird company was founded by Brandon Beatty. It started out as Gaia Botanicals, a dietary supplement company that was launched in 2012. Beatty made the decision to start selling hemp extracts in 2013 and the transformation was complete by the following year.

Beatty was always fascinated by products like pine pollen tinctures and powders, tea pollen and shilajat. He had also been a long time advocate of the benefits of cannabis so the shift was a natural progression for him.

The company has just celebrated its 5th anniversary and is moving forward in bringing high quality hemp to those in need.


The bluebird is a mascot of happiness hope and good tidings. The company believes the animal is a perfect symbol of what they stand for.

Not only does Bluebird hope to provide high quality CBD that will bring health and wellness to their community, they are also fighting the good fight on the political front. In their mission to make CBD accessible to everyone, they are actively involved with organizations like the Hemp Industries Association, the National Hemp Association, Vote Hemp and the U.S. Hemp Roundtable.


Product Categories

The Bluebird company has a variety of products available for sale. These include:

Hemp CBD Oil: The company’s hemp CBD oil comes in varieties including their Classic, Complete and Signature brands and a sample pack containing mini bottles of all three. Each type of oil has a different blend and all oils are 250+ mg in strength.

Concentrated CBD Oil: Like the Hemp Oil, the concentrated variety also comes in Classic, Complete and Signature. The difference here is that they are higher in strength with an mg of 1500+.

Hemp CBD Capsules: These hempseed oil and CBD extract capsules are 15+mg in strength.

CBD Isolate: 96%-99.9% pure isolated cannabidiol and lab tested, these are available in various sizes and can also be bought in bulk for wholesale.

CBD Vape Oil: Those who enjoy taking their CBD oil in vape form will enjoy Bluebird’s vape oil with 1000+ mg of CBD per ounce of vape oil.

CBD Pet Products: If you feel your pet could benefit from the use of CBD, Bluebird has Companion Oil available in a strength of 250+mg per ounce and Companion Capsules available at 15+ mg per capsule.

Manufacturing Process

Bluebird’s manufacturing process begins at Colorado farms with famers who organically grow the plants in pristine soils and sustainable greenhouses. The hemp is bred specifically for high terpene and cannabinoid contents.

The company then uses environmentally friendly alcohol or CO2 extraction to get the ultimate in purity for their products. The results are products that feature a broad spectrum concentrate while other require more refined oils and isolates.

Products are then manufactured in accordance with Current Goods Manufacturing Practices and are third party tested before they reach your door.


In addition to cannabinoids, Bluebird products include natural molecules like amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, fatty acids, trace minerals, beta-cartotene, chlorophyll, flavonoids, ketones, nitrogenous compounds alkanes, glycosides, pigments, water and terpenes. They also contain 80 different phytochemical compounds including CBD, Cannabichromene (CBC), Cannabigerol (CBG), and Cannabinol (CBN).

Lab Reports

Pros and Cons

The Bluebird Company has an overwhelming number of positive reviews in the online CBD community and only a few drawbacks. Let’s explore some of what you can expect when ordering from this company.


  • Products boast exceptional purity which can be seen in their appearance and leafy smell.
  • They use full spectrum CO2 extract.
  • The company is outspoken about their environmental practices.
  • Good product selection.
  • They advocate and are active in CBD legalization to make treatment more accessible.
  • Their brand statements bear evidence that they put real care into their products.
  • Their products are third party tested and lab results are available on their web site.
  • They have overwhelmingly positive customer reviews and online ratings.
  • There is a feeling of overall honesty and transparency in how the brand presents itself.


  • The site was a bit difficult to navigate in terms of finding their company story and lab results although products were easy to find.
  • Lab results are listed according to batch meaning you have to buy products first to look up lab reports concerning your batch.


Although there are some small issues with the Bluebird brand, the overall policy of transparency, quality and purity makes them a trusted source for effective CBD, and that’s the bottom line. Highly recommended!

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